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Of Keys and Wands and Rainbows

Do you see the majestic rainbow as it stretches across the sky?
Those seven colors, clear and bright, remind us, you and I,
That seven keys will one day come, each with a precious jewel,
To unlock the Messiah’s dungeon, finally ending the Reaper’s rule.

The Reaper sprang out of Hell’s dark pit to gather his mighty power.
In seven wands he placed his strength. In his darkest hour,
His wands mastered the elements; from them they gained control,
And captured the Son of Aradun to be locked in the Well of Souls.

Seven different times, to aid our plight, He escaped from the Reaper’s jail.
But seven times the chains did come; out from beyond the veil.
Like jeweled links a chain shot forth from each Element Wand,
To catch the Messiah and drag Him to His cell in the dark beyond.

In the Well of Souls, where locks were forged, and dark magic words were spoken,
Chained in a cell against His will; seals that stay unbroken.
Still he languishes, horridly, far from the world He loves,
Only the rainbow reminds us, in the grey stormy skies above.

Now the seven wands that sealed his fate were stolen in the night,
Like the rainbow at the storm’s end; the colors gone from sight.
Yet, some say the wands have returned, wielding awesome power.
All’s lost unless they’re destroyed one day, when comes the appointed hour.

By keys that open the Well of Souls and set free the Creator’s Son,
Wands broken and our world set free; the Reaper’s works undone.
The Seer shall come, gather a host, and seven there shall be.
To destroy the wands and free the Son, each shall carry a Key.

They’ll be chosen by the Nymphien and each queen will die from her choice.
And when the seer is given his key, it will speak with a voice,
To aid in his search for the rest; it’s for his strength we pray,
That he’ll locate the six and their keys, and together they’ll win the day.

Can you name all the Wands of Power, wielded by shades of night?
Do you know each rainbow jeweled key, precious beyond all sight?
Here they are, seven in a row, whispered names, unbidden,
But knowing their names won’t protect you if the keys themselves stay hidden.

There’s Cealzor, the red Wand of Death, which forges the ruby red Chain.
The Ruby: Cealzor’s power; death from torment and pain.
Red like death when blood runs forth for the end has come at last.
Dark rubies that glisten like spilled blood; wet red drops fall upon the grass.

There’s Ciad, which is the Ruby Key, when worn ‘round the neck of the shade,
Will turn back the stealing of life; the horror—death—unmade.
Born by one of the most unfit, a beast that one time slayed,
The bright Ruby Key will be revealed with the master of him betrayed.

There’s Arazor, orange Wand of Fire, which forges the great Orange Chain.
Fire Opal, Arazor’s power, ignites both wood and plain.
Orange fire that scars and destroys; bright flames that lick the night.
Opals that capture the heat of flame in jewels so fiery and so bright.

There’s Diog; it’s the Fire Opal Key, around the neck of the savage.
Preventing the burning of life, see how flames can ravage.
Even the beastly have a soul, and so goes the adage,
The Fire Opal Key will be revealed on a creature freed from bondage.

There’s Illinzor, the yellow Earth Wand, which forges the great Yellow Chain.
Topaz displays Illinzor’s strength; corrupted land—a stain.
Yellow is earth, where good things grow, it nourishes, provides.
Yellow topazes, their golden glow, reveals in them that strength abides.

There’s Trian, which is the Topaz Key, found ‘round the neck of one who’s lost.
It halts the corruption of things; but it comes with a cost.
A living thing’s most precious gift, to the Reaper is tossed.
The Topaz Key shall be revealed when the bridge that was broken is crossed.

There’s Nimzor, the green Wand of Water, which forges the emerald Green Chain.
The Emerald shines with Nimzor’s power, torrential drenching rain.
Green is water, flowing, falling; all slippery and wet.
Green emeralds shine beyond all compare, there’s magic found in their depth.

Now Dair, which is the Emerald Key, shall be found where the water is pure.
The power to halt destruction; the Key offers a cure.
Where water flows from heights above, its place is there secure:
The Emerald Key is ever revealed, awarded to those who are sure.

There’s Maladzor, the blue Wand of Air, which forges the Blue Diamond Chain.
Hard Diamond: Maladzor’s power; the wind howls its refrain.
Blue is air, clean and free, both warm and a chill to the bone.
Blue diamonds sparkle bright, clear, and cold, and are harder than any stone.

Eadha, which is the Diamond Key, revealed where winged ones are dying.
Controls the air and the sky, the breeze where they are found flying.
Their demise is heard on the wind, the rustling leaves, sighing.
This Key lies with the tiniest race, who bring laughter without trying.

There’s Beathazor, the Wand of Life, which forges the Indigo Chain.
The Sapphire echoes its secret; controls thoughts in one’s brain.
Indigo’s life, warm blood flowing, down underneath the skin.
Indigo sapphires reflect that life; see their stars glowing from within?

Fèarn, which is the Sapphire Key, is found with the last of his race.
Stars, their light in the night, drive shadows from every dark place.
The sapphire’s star, pulsing, unaffected by time and space,
Points to the most ancient, deathless ones, who just vanished without a trace.

There’s Pentazor, violet Spirit Wand, which forges the great Violet Chain.
The Amethyst wand of power, your own soul it shall gain.
Violet is spirit; soul unseen, that goes beyond the veil.
Violet amethyst, rarest of gems, means the ending of life’s long tale.

Glaisrig, which is the Amethyst Key, shall be on the breast of the Seer.
That he sees what no one else can is something not often clear.
Its amethyst glow a comfort, he will learn to not shed a tear.
This jeweled Key lies with one who’s afraid, but one day he’ll master his fear.

These are the Seven Wands of Power, from a magic wrought deep in Hell,
And the Seven Element Keys, made to counter their spell.
The rainbow, stretched across heaven, colors wrought in the sky,
Serves to remind of war being fought; with which do your loyalties lie?

Do you side with the Wands of power? Do you choose to worship the Night?
Do you pick Keys and jewels, and so choose to worship the Light?
Messiah freed? We’re saved! To the one in the Light we pray;
Only in light shines the rainbow; it can only be seen in the day.

The colorful rainbow above lets us know the Creator’s the one;
It’s his side that we choose, we’ll fight till the battle is done.
When dark succumbs to the sunrise, we’ll know, then, that we’ve won;
And like the rainbow, our soul will shine forth with the rising of the sun.


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